Yoga: Traveling to other places is already a form of personal growth, Any departure from the comfort zone means improving in the spiritual, The Yoga Is one of these activities that also promote this well-being, both As far as peace of mind and physical form are concerned  So… Why not combine both activities? Morocco is a country with stunning beaches, desert, roofs In the medinas of cities, oases, palm groves, rivers ... perfect places For the practice of yoga, Whether you come with the group already formed, and therefore private; Or by Our proposal because we will set up groups several times a year, We propose this wonderful experience in Morocco. If the Sensations anywhere with this practice never disappoints, here In our country, you will love it, Meditation and yoga will be accompanied by many other activities That we will propose, or that you can request, as for example, Walk in the Valley of the Roses, visit the village of the Sub-Saharan Africa who play Gnawa music, African rhythms, Tea, other Berber rhythms, aromas, flavors, emotions, Contact with people ... A trip to connect!